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“Rob and Karen share the valuable gift of speaking the truth in love. I have had the privilege of receiving words of truth and practical wisdom from each of them. I know that I can trust their guidance because they live out of a knowledge and understanding of God’s Word as well as intimate and intentional relationship with Him. The foundation of this ministry is firmly rooted in Christ’s love for the church, which makes the Truth they share a gift that inspires life change in the form of simple steps of obedience in response to the love and grace of Jesus.”


"My sessions with Karen made me think about my situation from a different perspective and gave me tools that have been very helpful in my life. Finding the pathway to forgiveness was a difficult and long journey. Through Karen's guidance, insight and our heavenly Father, I found my way out of darkness and my marriage has dramatically improved. I have been able to move past the anger and resentment that I had been harboring and have once again found my joy. God has certainly blessed Karen with natural qualities to work people through the anger and trials they are facing in their life."


"Rob’s humility and wisdom coupled with his teaching gift, come together in a unique way to promote peace, love, and hope. He also possesses the ability to hear God's voice and to jump into the deep end to take action and to bring justice no matter what the cost or consequence. I am proud to be a friend and a partner in ministry with Rob and highly recommend his services in bringing truth and reconciliation to any situation you may face.”


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